Indoor & Outdoor Lighting (12-240 volts)

Installation and maintenance of lighting systems suitable for both interior and exterior spaces, utilizing voltage levels ranging from 12 to 240 volts to provide illumination and enhance aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

Lighting Layout Design and Installation

Plan and design of lightning placements in a space to achieve optimal illumination and aesthetics, and implementation of the design, which includes installing all necessary electrical components to bring the layout to life.

Motion Sensor Lighting and Timer Controls

Installing and configuring motion-sensitive devices and timers for lighting systems, allowing lights to automatically turn on or off based on detected movement or preset schedules, enhancing energy efficiency and security in various indoor and outdoor settings..

Landscape & Security Lighting

Installing lighting fixtures in outdoor areas, such as gardens, pathways, and building perimeters, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, provide illumination for safer navigation, and improve security by deterring potential intruders during nighttime hours.

Switches, Outlets or Dimmers Installation & Repair

Installing, replacing, or fixing electrical switches, power outlets, and dimmer controls in homes or buildings to ensure proper functioning of electrical connections and provide convenient control over lighting and electrical devices.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Setting up ceiling fans in homes or buildings. It includes assembling the fan, mounting it securely to the ceiling, connecting the electrical wiring, and ensuring proper functionality, providing an energy-efficient and comfortable cooling solution for indoor spaces.

Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Installation

Securely mounting the detectors, connecting them to the electrical system or providing battery power, and testing to ensure early warnings for fire and gas-related hazards, enhancing safety and protection for occupants.


Upgrade to existing electrical systems in buildings to meet safety standards, improve energy efficiency, and accommodate new technologies without requiring a full replacement.

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement

Inspecting, diagnosing, and fixing issues with existing electrical panels or, if necessary, replacing them with new and updated panels to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of electricity addressing issues such as circuit overloads, faulty breakers, or outdated equipment.

Electric Car Charging Station Installation

Site assessment, selecting appropriate charging equipment, electrical wiring and installation, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations to provide convenient and efficient charging solutions, facilitating convenient and eco-friendly charging options for EV owners.

Generator Installation

Generator installation provides a reliable power source during emergencies or power outages. This service includes selecting an appropriate generator size, positioning it securely, connecting it to the electrical system, and conducting necessary tests to ensure its proper functionality.